Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our first snow!

 my kids were very mad at me this morning.  i didn't sleep good last night so when my alarm went off this morning i very groggily fummbled for it and decided to check my email really quick to see if there were any school delays.  i saw that we had a 2 hour delay so i rolled over to go back to sleep.  15 minutes later my alarm started beeping at me again -i must have hit snooze darn-it!.  so again i turned it off and with half of one eye i again double checked my email.  this time it said school was closed-i thought.  later when the kids came in i told them school was closed-yeah!!  so we slowly rolled out of bed and wandered down stairs to enjoy our own snow day activities.  i sat down at the computer and -again-checked my email.  huh!!  there was only a 2 hour delay notice!  i didn't know how to break it to the kids!  so i just told them!  they were ticked!  so after some yelling and crying they got dressed for school and then they decided to play in the snow for a while before heading off to school.  what a horrible mom-telling my kids they have no school and then telling them they do!  it's like giving someone those fake lottery tickets!  i hate those, i think they are so mean!


LaughAtMe-Laurel said...

Jealous of the sledding! Oh how we long for some fun in the snow. Too bad about your crazy slip up...that's almost pure evil ;)

Darleen said...

Wish the kids had been here to go sledding on our hill the day after Christmas--we had a ton of snow--they would have had a blast. Hopefully next year!